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Energy healing for pregnancy health

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Energy healing is recognized for its benefits to reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Energy healing offers effective, non-invasive support for fertility, prenatal health, birth, and postpartum recovery. Energy healing can help to support pregnant women as their body changes throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery. Research has shown that stress hormones can negatively affect fertility causing a condition called stress-induced reproductive dysfunction. This condition causes disruption to hormone levels and affects regular menstruation making conception difficult.

Mara Hagglund, an Advanced Integrative Energy Healing practitioner has worked with women for pregnancy health since 2013. "I worked with a frontline healthcare worker with high work stress which disrupted her hormone levels. She hadn’t had a menstrual cycle for a whole year, it’s called hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA). HA is a result of the hypothalamus ‘switching off’ causing the period to stop. With the hopes of having a child someday soon, the client’s session focused on regulating the nervous system, improving the flow of energy around the body to enable relaxation, working with the hypothalamus-ovarian axis, and lessening stress. Following her third energy healing treatment, the women’s cycle returned." Energy healing can restore balance to the hormones and promote a regular menstrual cycle, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, and prepare the body for conception to occur.

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time. Some couples like to have an energy healing session to help support the process. "Another client came for an energy healing treatment to address the grief she experienced following a miscarriage. She got pregnant again shortly thereafter. In her last month of pregnancy, she became fearful and anxious due to the possibility of a cesarean and came for another energy healing session. The client reported that the session helped her to calm her emotions and have a different perspective. She gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby."

If you are looking for holistic care to complement your health routine during pregnancy, Mara recommends looking at energy healing. "This modality is beneficial in promoting relaxation, and helps to regulate the flow of hormones throughout the body," she explains. Women receiving energy healing for hormonal health often notice it enhances their overall wellbeing, reporting positive changes in the quality of their sleep and eating patterns and feeling more balanced.

If you are hoping to find more balance and flow, Advanced Integrative Energy Healing is a gentle and nourishing way to support your pregnancy health today.


Mara Hagglund, CAIEHP is an accredited and certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner and a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. She is also a lead instructor in Healing Sciences–energy awareness and Integral Self-care,  CS Integrative Healthcare Department, Langara University.

Learn more about Mara at by visiting her website at

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