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Energy Healing Studies

  • Research intern - Working for Ruth Lamb Ph.D., at Surrey Memorial Hospital providing 9 months of Advanced Integrative Energy Healing for the forensic nurse's team treating vicarious trauma and stress management, 2014-15

  • Hagglund, M., Lagasse, V., Abstract

  • Hagglund, M., Lagasse, V., Sexsmith, P., Poster Presentation "Encounters with Trauma, Hope, and Healing",   Wellspring Conference, Vancouver, B.C. October 20

  • International Internship, biofield practicum with youth, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, Southern India, 2013

  • Energy Healing Volunteer, One World Service–Tamil village women, Pondicherry, Southern India, 2013

  • Apprenticeship, AIEH student, Eating Disorders Recovery Program (VCH) 2012-2013.


Posters Presented at Conferences 

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