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Energy Healing Studies

Research intern - Working for Ruth Lamb Ph.D., at Surrey Memorial Hospital providing 9 months of Advanced Integrative Energy Healing for the forensic nurse's team treating vicarious trauma and stress management, 2014-15

Hagglund, M., Lagasse, V., Abstract


Hagglund, M., Lagasse, V., Sexsmith, P., Poster Presentation "Encounters with Trauma, Hope, and Healing" the Wellspring Conference, Vancouver, B.C. October 2013

International Internship, biofield practicum with youth, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, Southern India, 2013

Energy Healing Volunteer, One World Service–Tamil village women, Pondicherry, Southern India, 2013

Apprenticeship, AIEH student, Eating Disorders Recovery Program (VCH) 2012-2013.

Posters Presented at Conferences 

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