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Advanced Integrative Energy Healing supporting individuals with eating disorders

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

In February, advocacy groups work diligently to raise awareness of eating disorders for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (February 1 to 7). The National Eating Disorder Association reports that 20 million women and 10 million men will have an eating disorder at some point in their life. Current eating disorder statistics reveal that anyone can develop an eating disorder regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation.

Types of eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, food restriction and avoidance, other specified feeding or eating disorder, and pica and rumination. Eating disorders can co-occur, meaning someone can struggle with aspects of different disorders at the same time (such as both bulimia and food restriction). Further, recovery from one eating disorder can push someone into an active stage of another eating disorder. For example, someone who is recovering from anorexia may feel they need to restrict their food intake or over-exercise.

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ has been supporting clients with eating disorders since 2012. A project evaluation was complied on the data gathered from two supervised clinical settings in the Fall, 2012 and Spring, 2013 by Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH) apprentice students (Langara College) where they tracked themes and patterns from one-hundred and thirty-one AIEH session documents. The eating disorder program referred twenty-one clients to the AIEH study where seven sessions over a nine week period were offered to each client, and the Eating Disorder Recovery counsellors were debriefed.

At the end of the nine-weeks client feedback revealed that the clients had increased calmness and stillness, and had more clarity; racing thoughts and worry stopped; anxiety decreased and they were able to better cope and decrease binge eating and purging; were able to practice being calm, felt more relaxed and centered; better sleeps; and over-all just feeling better and having better days. 

Our conclusion was that these two clinical AIEH treatment session series demonstrated greater improvement of stress and anxiety levels in the clients. As the clients connected with their emotions they were able to name

it, and body-awareness increased. They were self-empowered through practicing the new self-care techniques. As a result of this study the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing practitioners were invited back to several eating disorder clinics in the Vancouver area. (Using Integrative Energy Healing-Somatic Techniques for Healing, Hagglund, 2014).

What is Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™?

Energy Healing has been around for centuries, yet this unique form of healing is still largely unknown in many parts of the world. Even so, more and more people are looking to Energy Healing as a solution for eating disorders, addiction, and other challenges of the modern world.

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing is a full-spectrum therapeutic modality aimed at supporting whole person well-being. AIEH integrates biofield theory, somatic awareness and dialogue and consciousness-based integral yogic psychology. The AIEH program brings together ancient Eastern teachings with contemporary Western science to balance and align the individual as a whole. The modality works with the chakra system, the electro-magnetic biofield, the autonomic nervous system and the client’s somatic experience. In this way, energy is used with the intention of facilitating support and transformation. (CAIEHP)

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing uses on or off body energy healing. Advanced Integrative Energy Healing practitioners use touch to channel energy to target area, aid healing, and help people recover from their issues.

A combination approach

The complicated nature of eating disorders means that a single form of treatment may not be enough to overcome the issue

. That is why many people add alternative therapies such as Advanced Integrative Energy Healing to complement their existing forms of treatment, combined with traditional approaches like psychological counselling and nutritional information. This combination approach can be very powerful. If you care about someone with an eating disorder, it is important to seek individualized treatment, and that can include Advanced Integrative Energy Healing.

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing and eating disorders may not seem like they should be linked, but many people who suffer from binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, or other disordered eating, may also have additional issues, including emotional problems and issues with addiction that could be supported with Advanced Integrative Energy Healing. Learning more about this form of treatment to assist your loved one can be a valuable step in their recovery. Given the interconnected nature of eating disorders and the difficulty of treating them, it makes sense for patients and their families to seek out alternative forms of treatment. Spiritual approaches like Advanced Integrative Energy Healing play a valuable role in treatment. 

Exploring Advanced Integrative Energy Healing

For those who suffer from eating disorders, Advanced Integrative Energy Healing can be an effective form of treatment. If someone you care about is currently struggling with issues related to eating, reach out to talk with a healthcare professional and explore healing through Advanced Integrative Energy Healing. The journey of healing and recovery is unique for each individual. This form of healing is still largely unknown which means it can be overlooked as a treatment option for those struggling with an eating disorder, or disordered eating behaviours. If you’re unsure about your service options, speak to your GP or reach out and schedule a consultation.

For more resources, please visit NEDIC - National Eating Disorder Information Centre at Learn more about EDAW 2022, find out how to get involved, and access campaign materials created in collaboration with eating disorders organizations across Canada. 

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Author reference:

Mara Hagglund, CAIEHP is a transformational learning adult educator and has been teaching Energy Awareness/Biofield since 2015 in the Healing Sciences Theory & Skills stream in the formor Integrative Energy Healing™️ Program, CS Integrative Healthcare Department, Langara College. Mara is an accredited and certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™️ practitioner with a speciality in Integrative Energy Healing in somatic and trauma healing.


Poster Presentation: Using Integrative Energy Healing-Somatic Techniques for Healing, Hagglund, 2014

What is CAIEHP? - https//


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