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 Sessions with Mara

In our busy lives, there are many factors to cause dis-ease and stress such as work, fatigue, changes, money and time issues, attitudes, and expectations. It's important to maintain your health, listen to its wisdom, and follow its guidance. Our bodies express who we are. They express our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and the unconscious through voice, gesture, movement, posture and facial expressions. Balancing the energy systems of our body balances our life. It is through them that we relate to ourselves and others

Mara is an incredibly gifted healer. She has the capacity to really listen, not just to spoken words, but to the body as well, responding to needs that I was unable to identify or communicate. She has so much interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, yet leads with her heart, and intuition.

Vickey P.

Mara is a lovely person with a deep passion for healing. She is extremely talented in this area and offers exceptional treatments to her clients.

Dr. Linda Turner

Manager, Health and Human Services &

Center for Holistic Health Studies, Langara College

How we work together and what to expect from a session

We'll start with a free consultation.Your Initial Energy Healing session After your Initial Energy Healing session, you will receive an email with suggestions to support the work done during your session (body-oriented techniques, grounding, etc.) Please do your best to practice these. They are important to reinforce the new patterns that we worked with in the Initial Session. After the first visit many people continue to contact me yearly, or every few months when life issues come up. Many choose to have a series of sessions to do deeper work with a particular issue.

Sessions are available on request

First sessions are usually one and a half hours and sessions after that vary from sixty minutes to several hours based on the needs of the client. While I can share a general outline of the time needed to support the client, because every person is unique and changes in their own pattern are unique, the number of sessions and the amount of time involved in any session may change. The process will always be specific to the individual.

Session Cost: $120-140. GST added at check out.

We do not take credit cards.

Payment due at time of session or pre-paid.

An e-receipt for services will be offered to you.

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if you book an appointment but fail to arrive without notice. So please let us know

24 hours ahead of time and we can reschedule your appointment. 


Energy work is not effective for everyone. If I feel that I am not making progress with a client, I will refer them to someone whom I feel is better suited to meet their needs. I am happy to work with client’s who would like to have their regular practitioners involved in the process. We want your physician to know that we are involved and exactly what we are doing so that there is no confusion. We will set goals which we identify as correct and we will work toward achieving those goals. A client is always able to change practitioners if they feel the need and we will provide a list of referrals to other practitioners.

Initial Energy Healing Treatment (90 Minutes)

90 Minute Session: $140

It is recommended that new clients have this longer session for their first visit. It creates the foundation of our work together and can inform your intentions for those who choose to continue energetic self-care. 

In this session, you will receive:

  • Energetic Assessment (I will do an pre and post assessment in your session to help guide us)

  • Personal History Discussion

  • Intuitive and energetic explanation of energy patterns

  • Discussion of plan

  • Energy Healing Treatment

  • Energetic Self-care Tools for home

Energy Healing Treatment (60-90 Minutes)

60-90 Minute Session: $120 - $140

We can look into a specific, known issue (clinical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual) or you can bring a list of many issues or themes coming up your life. I use spoken and sensation-based dialogue to guide our time together and  support new insights, awareness’s, and energetic patterns. 

Mobile visits

If you or a loved one are not able to travel for energy healing treatments please contact us to discuss a plan. Arrangements can be made for a home visit, during a stay in the hospital, nursing home, assisted living, extended and long-term care facility, palliative care/hospice, and homes for the elderly in the Lower Mainland. A small fee for travel expenses will be added to the session.

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