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The Art of Body Reading: 7 Developmental Stages of the Bodynamics Systems

I just completed an intense but fun course of study this week. It was a fabulously interesting, informative 3-day course in the Integrative Energy Healing Program, Langara College taught by the impressive Ian Macnaughton, Ph.D., M.B.A., R.C.C. It will be another very valuble addition to my 'toolbox."

Ian has been a teacher and practitioner of Somatic Psychotherapy for four decades. He is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a Bodynamic Analysis and Trainer. He is an associate faculty at City University and has two published books: 'Embodying the Mind and Minding the Body' and the later edition was "Body, Breath and Consciousness, a Somatic Anthology'

The concept of Bodynamics is as a body-centered analysis of the developmental stages showing defense mechanisms & triggers, structural imbalances, trauma recognition, daily impact.  Learning body-centered analysis-character  structure, common defense mechanisms, layering of defense mechanisms, structural imbalances, the body as steady state system, stored trauma, the function of defense mechanism, and spirituality.

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