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Subtle Energy Literacy. Hand tuning basics

Join Dr. Artie Egendorf, Ph.D., and Mara Hagglund, Advanced Integrative Energy Healing practitioner, and Faculty, Integrative Energy Healing Program, Langara College as Artie and Mara present the basics for tuning the hands energtically to read someone.


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This clip presents the basics for tuning in ALL of you, so that hands become super sensitized. Then, we proceed from "yes/no" questions, to analogue "readings" (comparing quantities or relative degrees), as we begin with nutrition, and review how a chakra profile, personality profile, testing people for relative truthfulness, can all be submitted to this kind of empirical inquiry. The final comments anticipate the revolution in human culture that is foreshadowed by our becoming able to concretize and make empirically obvious how we are all energetically transparent to one another.

"Energy literacy" is also known as "extending the empirical into the immaterial," so you go beyond pendulum, muscle testing and other "yes/no" methods to approximate the quantity of any energy quality you can think of.

Just as the scientific revolution ended the rule of dogma & mere opinion in the material realm, "energy literacy" holds out the promise of putting an end to the rule of dogma and opinion in the immaterial realm of subtle energy.

With empirical methods more widely practiced, "test and see" and have others who have learned to explore subtle reality through such methods corroborate or dis-confirm will become the new rule of thumb. Controversy and differences will of course still arise, but in ways that can be drawn on to refine empirical inquiry further.

This approach works best when done along with Energy's Way practice, with free instructions available at

Watch more of Dr. Artie Egendorg Energys Way webiste:

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