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Spirituality Matters: How is Spirituality Relevant to Health and Healing Forum.

The Advanced Integrative Energy Helaing program joins other Helath Professinals and the public for a conferenec on, What is the future for spirituality in health Care? 

How does spirituality matter to you?

The forum aims to provide a diverse, interdisciplinary, multi-faith forum in order to share diverse views in spirituality and healing and translate the discussion into the next step for an international conference in 2015.

The format forum includes a keynote address, panel discussions, and audience interaction. Share interdisciplinary expertise from a broad pool of health and spiritual care providers (e.g., medicine, nursing, social work, spiritual health, psychology, health educators)

Examine the current health care system addressing spiritual health

Discuss the ethical, research, and practical challenges that face integration of spirituality into health care

Identify conference themes for 2015

Seek partnerships in spirituality, healing, and health care industries

Two key topics that will be explored are:

How the current health system addresses spiritual health;

The ethical, research and practical challenges facing integration of spirituality into our healthcare system.

The speakers will include an impressive group from diverse backgrounds. Dr. William Tiller will be the keynote speaker. Other speakers include Dr. Soma Ganesan of UBC; Dr. Steven Aung from the University of Alberta in Edmonton; Dr. Anne Bruce of the University of Victoria; Dr. Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham from Trinity Western University; Dr. Philip Crowell from the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre in Vancouver; Doug Longstaffe from Vancouver General Hospital; and Philip Weaver from Providence Health Care.


Canadian Research Institute of Spirituality and Healing in partnership with Langara College Continuing Studies and School of Nursing:

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