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Chakra Mantra Class

I have made a one year commitment to lead a weekly class using Bija chakra mantras. Along with my cohosts, Steve Butler and Laura Ahava we will focus on one charkra each week for 7 weeks, and then start again with the next 7 weeks, so on and so on. 

We will begin with introductions, I will then talk briefly giving a bit of theory for the chakra we are focusing on in the class. We will then go directly in to 30-minutes of chanting led by Steve. We will end with a relaxtation posture to integrate the work while Laura will be making offerings with sound; voice, flute, singing bowl. 

Date: Sunday

Time: 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM 

Contact Mara Hagglund at" target="_blank">Vancouver Energy Healing

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