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Abstract: Overcoming Eating Disorders Utilizing Advanced Integrative Energy Healing

An abstract by CAIEHP’s Mara Hagglund, Pat Sexsmith and Vera Lagasse about the need for this therapeutic approach to supporting individuals in this community.



For the past two years, Langara College students from the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH) program were invited to provide treatments in supervised clinical settings at Eating Disorder programs in the Vancouver area. This presentation provides an overview of the therapeutic approach and results, based on the evaluation of five sets of clinics, involving seventy-five clients with eating disorders, most of whom have a background of trauma.


This is the first time that somatic-based AIEH had been used regularly in clients with eating disorders. This holistic approach uses dialogue in conjunction with specific biofield energy-based treatments to influence the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of client healing. Consequently, these individuals become empowered by learning coping strategies and developing self-care methods that enhance resilience.


In the words of one client: “The sessions helped bring more awareness to me in sensation, noticing, and how to love my body.” Another client said, “With the energy healing treatments, I felt my whole body become calm, I had ease of mind, and felt my numbness thaw.”


The Eating Disorder counsellors noted the following results in clients: an increase in self-esteem and in self-confidence; clients were more connected with their emotions; anxiety was minimized; clients were able to cope better and decrease binge eating and purging; self-awareness increased; there was more calmness, stillness, better sleeps and better days following treatments.


Author Reference:

Hagglund, Mara, CAIEHP, Clinical Supervisor and Teacher’s Assistant, Holistic Health Studies, Langara College; Lagasse, Vera, BSc(Nutrition), MHA, CIEHP, Clinical Supervisor, Holistic Health Studies, Langara College; Sexsmith, Pat, RN, CIEHP, Student, Langara College.



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