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What happens at an Energy healing session

In our healing sessions many techniques may be used and are personalized to the clients current needs,  sincere desire, readiness for overcoming habits and patterns, and transforming their lives. I welcome and encourage client feedback, discussion and co-creating a plan together. I have a heart centred approach, where a safe and caring space is created to work with clients. I work with intention, simple presence, and mindful witnessing.

A healer helps hold the balance while someone is going through the process of healing work. Part of our work as healers is to help in this, and then soon as possible help the person to build their own resources of healing. 

Over the next decade, the focus of health care will widen to include greater emphasis on prevention rather than allowing disease to develop until treatment is required.

  • A session includes a 30-phone consultation available and short questionnaire and waiver form prior to the session will need to be filled out. 
  • At the appointment, you will have a short interview to review your Intake form and decide on a focus for the treatment
  • Self-care techniques for session support. These are body-oriented methods for regulation which the client will learn in a session and can take home to use. Techniques for feeling safe, grounding, body awareness, and reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Post-session information email - instructions about what to expect after an energy healing session. In addition, suggestion for your home care.
  • Complimentary session follow-up support available.

Other Important information

Although, as a energy healing practitioner Mara can often work alongside a healthcare professional, we do not diagnose and cannot prescribe drugs. All sessions are private and strictly confidential.  

Vancouver Energy Healing subscribes to the highest ethical standards of the holistic profession. Because of the nature of our work and the trust that our clients place in us, we must operate with the highest level of care, professionalism, and integrity. Referrals are often given for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support of the client. 

'Being a friend to yourself is no mere metaphor or a purely sentimental idea. It is the basis of all relationship, because it is fundamental recognition of the soul.'  ~ Thomas Moore


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