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In our healing sessions many techniques may be used and are personalized to the clients current needs, sincere desire, readiness for overcoming habits and patterns, and transforming their lives. I welcome and encourage client feedback, discussion and co-creating a plan together. I have a heart centred approach, where a safe and caring space is created to work with clients. I work with intention, simple presence, and mindful witnessing.

 A healer helps hold the balance while someone is going through the process of healing work. Part of our work as healers is to help in this, and then soon as possible help the person to build their own resources of healing. Over the next decade, the focus of health care will widen to include greater emphasis on prevention rather than allowing disease to develop until treatment is required.

Finding strengths, accessing resources. Quiet the mind, soothe the body, regulate the nervous systems. Build physical, emotional, mental and spiritual coping strategies. 


AIEH 60 minute - In-person

A 60-minute Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH) treatment for deep relaxation and to clear, and modulate imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual self, that can result in unhealthy patterns. 

Return your biofield to its original natural state of movement, flow and harmony. Individuals with healthy energy centres allow the flow of pure energy to move freely from the lower to the higher centres and the natural state of abundance. $100

Energy coaching - online

30-minute session - If you're feeling stressed or anxious and needing a little bit of support or just need to revisit some previous learned tools, this shorter session is good for you. You will learn 1-2 techniques via an online session personalized for you from variety of methods and techniques. $30

60-minute session - Do you need to de-stress, manage emotions, reduce anxiety, or stop feeling overwhelmed? This is an experiential session which allows time to practice mindfulness and embody strategies to build resiliency.  $60

Energy Awareness | Grounding visualization | Somatic Approaches | Meditation practices | Breathing techniques | TWR/WHEE | Awareness Dialogue

AIEH 90-minute - in-person

A 90-minutes Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH) treatment for  deeper work and relaxation. Clear, and modulate imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual self, that result in unhealthy patterns.  This longer session allows for more focus on specific issues. Recommended for first visit.$125.

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AIEH package of 3 sessions

Having a series of sessions in a row (once a week for 3-6 weeks).

A savings of $45 when purchasing a series of 3 X 60 minute sessions. Energy healing - 15% off ($255). Reg ($300.) 

Gift certificates 

Make a special and very memorable gift for every occasion, celebration, or just because!  Available by mail when pre-paid.  Options to be picked up or posted in a Christmas card. Can be purchased in any amount to be used towards energy healing or online  services. $100 & $125 Purchase gift certificate here

eGift cards

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