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Using traditional ceremony, horse energy, and Integrative Energy Healing is unique.

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Diane Strand 2020

Langara’s Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ (IEH™;) graduate and alumna, Diane Strand, (2016) has an impressive career working in many capacities at Champagne & Aishihik First Nations (CAFN) before, during, and after her studies at Langara. Stand speaks fondly of ‘being blessed’ to have worked in the Heritage Department which grounded her in learning and understanding her culture and history. She was the Director of Language, Culture and Heritage (LCH) for several years, Chief for 4 years, Director of Community Wellness for another couple years and finally Senior Director of Citizen Services. Strand states, that each of those roles provided her with the teachings and preparation needed to know and serve her community. She recalls, the last two roles being especially important to her as they were direct, front line work with people who were in need.

Strand’s deeper passion was helping others on their healing journey and sought out various healing modalities throughout her life. It was during her time at LCH, that Strand felt that she needed to serve her community through her passion. She applied to the former, CS Langara Integrative Energy Healing™ program and could not believe that a healing modality would be offered through a college program where she could get certified and not expect her to have a degree in science or nursing. 

Strand recalls, initially, she was having doubts about the travelling back and forth from the Yukon. It was a huge investment, especially of her time. She arrived for the first class, extremely exhausted and became sick. A trip to the emergency on day two of the course left her with a shingles diagnosis. On day three, the class learned and practiced energy healing techniques on each other. Strand exclaimed, “the experience I had was absolutely incredible.” “It was the closest that I ever felt to my ancestry; doing what I believed my grandmothers were gifted. Strands maternal grandmother was a medicine woman, many people came to her for healing; her paternal grandmother worked on people. Following the first week of classes, Strand returned home feeling absolutely fine and has not had any reoccurrence of shingles since. Strand shared, “now I have the knowledge and absolutely love the field of Integrative energy healing work. My heart is full. Let the adventure begin!”

SRFNC and serving the community.

As part of Strands AIEH™ internship practicum, the Strategic Resilience for First Nation Communities (SRFNC) was created. AIEH™ program coordinator, Ruth Lamb and faculty, travelled to the Yukon to offer the program to the First Nation Communities. It was a hybrid of the program, Lamb developed for Strategic Resilience for First Responders (SRFR). In the SRFNC elements of First Nation traditions and beliefs were embedded within the program. With an onsite Elder present at all the teachings, a Sacred Fire burning 24 hours from opening Ceremony till closing Ceremony and the Fire was held by a Traditional Fire Keeper and his helper(s) each time. Both the Elder and the Fire Keeper provided teachings within the program assisted by Lamb and Strand. 

Strand has a desire to start this program again one day post-COVID when it’s safe to gather. Strand states, the Strategic Resilience for First Nations program was so beneficial to the participants and the community, and believes it was partly because it was offered out on the land. The teachings were not from Yukon First Nations per se but from ancient teaching, no less and the connection is strong. For example, “in the first cohort we were showing people some energy healing techniques and how to create an energy ball, and right away everyone got it.”  Then the instructor just out of the blue said, “let’s see if they could find their third layer of their field on each other.”  Within 10 minutes of showing them, they all got it. Not surprising as many of the participants were bushmen. The men were hunters, trappers and cowboys. Because of their close connection to the land they were familiar with energy, it was easy for them to recognize it. Now they understand and can name it. It was a beautiful session and a beautiful day. Many of the participants continue to enquire about the program.  Some First Nations want this program offered in their community. Strand hopes to get more energy healers up here to help teach this. 

Using traditional ceremony, horse energy and integrative energy healing™ is unique.

Strand says, there are very few energy healers in the Yukon and none of the practitioners are First Nations from the Yukon. She is happy that she has gained the skills and certification and offering these services in a community that already know and trusts her, she feels is important.

Strand has joined with a colleague and created a family-based program called Equine Therapy and Energy Healing Program. It’s a one-on-one program with a family (with several families in the program, expanding in May, 2021) ranging from 5 to 8 members. The family comes together at her colleagues horse ranch, for an intensive program - three times per year where they gather for 4-days and then once per month for 1-day. They have an Elder and/or Fire Keeper present to offer traditional ceremony, equine therapy and energy healing for each member of the family.

Families that have been struggling with intergenerational trauma have been asking for a land-based, hands on program for quite some time. Many of the counselling sessions that are traditionally offered and provided for by the Federal or Territorial government are from a colonized perspective, a Western lens. So far the families are seeing the benefits. It’s unfortunate that in December 2020 they shut down due to a COVID spike but were able to meet in January, 2021 for the one day. Strand feels the program will sky-rocket as other First Nations hear about it and want to be a take part. She hopes that she can create a program for First Nation energy healers to help and assist.

Today, Strand has joined with a colleague and created a unique family-based program called Equine Therapy and Energy Healing Program. Using traditional ceremony, horse energy and integrative energy healing™. Families that have been struggling with intergenerational trauma have been asking for a land-based, hands on program for quite some time. Many of the counselling sessions that are traditionally offered and provided for by the Federal or Territorial government are from a colonized perspective, a Western lens. So far the families are seeing the benefits." target="_blank">http://

Reopening June 24, 2020 Promo

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Finding your Center - Connecting with your own Source of Support

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by Mara Hagglund

Backhealer acupressure ball (Fascia & Tendon)

Grounding–Work on the Feet.

Worry and fear usually have some involvement with the root centre (first chakra), so it's always good to work with it to help ground and restore feelings of safety and security.

Working with the brow centre is also important. Worried and fearful thinking is not clear thinking. When our safety and security are threatened it intensifies the upward flow of energy in the body and the downward flow of grounding energy is inhibited. Supporting the sixth chakra helps us to get perspective and think more clearly.

Being energetically grounded orients us to time and space and connects us to the here and now. It brings us into the present moment and into our bodies. Physically this happens through our feet and legs when we create a downward current and any excess energy discharged is 'grounded-out' by the earth's conductive surface.

Work on the feet to Ground. Do ankle rotations; flexion and extensions, pressing heels into the floor while sitting or standing helps push energy through the body where it can be released. Bring your awareness into your feet as you walk, noticing how your feet feel in your shoes, or against the surface you are walking on.

Another great grounding self-care tool is an acupressure ball that is firm but has a bit of give. I use the Backhealer Ball (the purple ball - Psoas & Glutes or green ball - Upper & Lower Back) and roll it under my barefoot on a yoga sticky mat to open up the muscles on the feet.

Balancing and harmonizing all the energy centres is certainly great for raising energetic coherence to a higher level so that the lower-vibration energy of worry and fear dissolve.

The Backhealer balls  

FNHA Nurses Conference Wellness Clinic

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Vancouver Pinnicle Hotel

Integrative Energy Healing™ Program & First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)

I will be on hand for the student IEH Wellness clinic at the FNHA Conference which takes place on Tuesday, February 11th and Wednesday, February 12th, 2020, at Vancouver Pinnacle Hotel.

The event is held for the nurses in honour of their work. Langara's IEH program supports nursing professionals and respects their dedication to providing compassionate quality care. We salute their accomplishments and the impact they make in the lives of patients, families and communities.

The Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ certificate program is erecting its pop-up clinic. Student practitioners will be on hand to provide wellness sessions to the nurses attending the conference.

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Good Vibrations

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 The dynamic process of using rhythmic pulses for healing. Doctors have relied on electricity to speed up the healing of soft tissue and bone, and in some cases to unite fractures, for decades...

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Yoga Nidra Guided Sleep Meditation

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Jennifer Piercy takes you through a beautifully guided Yoga Nidra for Sleep meditation. Her deeply calming voice penetrates into your very soul, instilling a sense of internal peace and leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed, present and rejuvenated.

Time for Energy Healing Spring Clean?

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Time for an Energy Healing Spring Clean?

For some the long, cold, dark months of winter is nothing more than that. For others it's a time of silence, and stillness. As we approach the next transformational season of spring; a time of phenomenal renewal. The earth wakes up from her rest, and new life bursts forward.

Spring is symbolic in starting new things; projects, new ideas, sowing seeds. Its not too late to start those new years eve resolutions either! A time to think more about our health; physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being as the warmer days approach.

Following months of winter indwelling and holidays, some of us might feel a bit stuck, and not quite ready to embrace the new season. We can still feel caught up in the cold, unable to move yet. Not trusting our body, or our lives. Feelings of overwhelm, over sensitivity, and or fear about beginning something new. But know that energy healing can assist us in moving forward into the new season. 

Energy Healing can help you feel lighter by releasing the stuck orgone energy accummulated over the dormant winter months. When we spring clean our energy systems we create some energetic space, allowing for movement and flow.

Working with where you are currently at, it will support you to move on from the old and into the new. Energy techniques such as Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™, meridian clearing, and integral Yoga Psycology will support the clearing process energetically and can assist you in letting go of that hibernation feeling. Get ready to face spring; nourished, balanced and revitalized.

Zoomer Show 2017

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Vancouver Convention Centre

Sat, March 11,10 am-5 pm and Sun, March 12,11 am-5 pm.

I'm back again this year in the Wellness Zone with my team of Advanced Integrative Energy Healing (AIEH) students. Langara College's Integrative Energy Healing Program is offering FREE 30-minutes sessions to Zoomer Show attendee's.

I will be on hand to answer your questions about courses and energy sessions in the Integrative Energy Healing Certificate Program. Come by to visit our exhibit and enjoy a relaxing energy healing session–these sessions will go quickly! Recommended donation $20.00, senoirs, Langara Students and low income $10.00

If you miss us here, you can still have an energy healing treatment by our student AIEH practitioners at our Langara College Open Wellness Clinics.

Learn more...

Langara College Continuing Studies/Integrative Energy Healing Program.

Book an appointment: 604-872-2471

Back Pain and Connective Tissue

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by Mara Hagglund

Connective tissue wraps virtually every other tissue formation in our bodies. If everything else were removed, the network of empty connective tissue compartments would preserve our physical forms in detail.” ~ Deane Juhan, “Job’s Body”

We are, in fact, mostly water. Did you know that every organ and system in the body supports in some way, containment, renewal, and the circulation of this liquid medium we call a human body?

This extracellular matrix or connective tissue in the body makes up the body’s soft tissue framework. It runs everywhere – within and around all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, nerves, blood vessels, organs. Every part of our body is supported, connected, and anchored to the other by this delicate web of tissue, and its ‘connective’ qualities cannot be overstated. We are literally wrapped up in connective tissue.

The connective tissue in its healthiest and most ideal state – allows for expansive, free fluid movements, supports our posture and the various body systems to work harmoniously, all the way through from the inside out. Energy flows through the connective tissue which can be visualized as a river flowing everywhere through-out the entire body.

Although our organs are genetically created, as we develop they are continuously modified when they are stressed and strained. The quality of our connective tissue in our body holds a direct relationship with our overall level of health and well being. Often when we feel anxious, stressed, unwell, lacking vitality or well being, some form of tension, tightness, or stress is present within our connective tissue, affecting the natural and harmonious flow of energy and the proper functioning of the various body systems.

In an unhealthy state it can form a dry, tough inflexible network, and becomes restricted with disuse – less activity, less nimble, it becomes colder and less energized, even in a young adult. The soft-gel like quality loses its free fluid movement and softness. Traumas and disuse to any part of the body will cause it to lose movement to some degree. It can even cause our physical body’s shape to change.

Maintaining our connective tissue to be in a soft-gel like state even if it has slowed down with age is responsible for the healing of all injuries. It’s through pressure and stretching, and the friction they generate, and the temperature that encourages the connective tissue to become warm, moist, and resilient once again.

At the Backhealer we use a self-care method which applies pressure to specific muscles and soft tissue. This sequence of movements with a Backhealer ball is the most effective way to modify the energy potential of stressed tissue and contracted muscles. Using a specific breathing technique along with the pressurized movement, it calms the nervous system, re-patterns the brain, and increases blood flow to the area releasing muscle tension. This allows for a more supple body. Body-mind health and well-being depends on the warmth and energy we can bring to our connective tissue.


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Vancouver Convention Center

March 19, 2016, Saturday/10 am to 7 pm

I will be at the Zoomer Show in the Wellness Zone answering your questions and taking appoointments along with my team of Integrative Energy Healing students when the doors open tilll closing. 

Langara College's Integrative Energy Healing Program is offering FREE 30 minutes sessions. Come by and book early...these sessions will go quickly!

The Wellness Show, 2016

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Vancouver Convention Center.

February 12, 2016, 12 pm-7pm.

The Integrative Energy Healing Program is at The Wellness Show this weekend!

Langara College's CS School of Healing, Integrative Energy Healing program and I will be available for questions and will be taking appointments through-out the day. Four of the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing practitioner students will be offering up to 30 minute mini-energy healings for an incredbly low price of $10 exculsively for Welllness Show visitors.

The Wellness Show, the largest trade show in Western Canada, is dedicated to helping you to live a more balanced and holistic lifestyle. This year includes exhibitors, speakers and demonstrations on a diverse range of health and wellness topics, all under one roof. Spend a day browsing the latest and greatest supplements, exercise options, raw and gluten-free foods, and ways to relax, manage your stress and look better.

Find us at the Langara College exhibit in the Zen Zone.

Please come by and say hello!


Tibetan Nun Project 1987

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In the earlier days of the Integrative Energy Healing Program. International internship.

Langara College's, Integrative Energy Healing Program has played a small part in the nun's growth...

A special message from Rinchen Khando Choegyal, Director of the Tibetan Nuns Project

"We started the Tibetan Nuns Project in 1987 with just an idea. Our vision was to educate, nourish, and empower the nuns. In late 1990 there was a large influx of nuns from Tibet, and we began the process of creating two new nunneries, Dolma Ling and Shugsep.

With blessings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the vision, determination, and courage of the nuns themselves, we’ve been able to accomplish so many things. We are so grateful to donors like you for your generosity and compassion and I sincerely hope that you will continue walking hand in hand along this path with us."


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Hosting Public Service Training Videos: A series of training videos on Youtube for Energy's Way 

Join Dr. Artie Egendorf, Ph.D., and me as he teaches basic instructions in subtle 'Energy Literacy' known as energy 'scanning.' Compare relative and even absolute quantities, rank qualities, and do various kinds of empirical readings of subtle energy (direct and distance), 2015.